We currently have two tracking domains active with IMConversion. They are used to create the short links that you use in your campaigns.

The two tracking domains are:

  • http://clcks.in
  • http://clcks.co

We have acquired several other clcks branded domain names of different TLD’s, and we will activate them in the future if/when necessary.

The need for multiple tracking links arises from the fact that we can’t expect everyone who’s using the IMConversion tracking will be using it for good. Some might use it in spam emails/communications and while we do everything in our power to restrict spam, we can’t combat it 100%.

So, multiple tracking domains ensures that if one domain gets flagged as spam, then we can shift your links to another domain name.

In any case, you won’t ever lose your data or reports because they are backed up on the cloud.

Each tracking domain is hosted on it’s own cloud server with a different IP.

You can customize the links you generate while creating a tracking link. So if you had a website called mycoolnewgolfingsite.com, then you could create a custom tracking link for it. Like: http://clcks.co/golfingsite