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The IMConversion Treasure Edition

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Times Up
You are our valuable customer and we'd like to extend this opportunity to you, but only ONCE. You may not come back to it later, and this is absolutely not being made available to the public.

We don't want everyone to see this so we can give our customers 5X ABILITY to stand out of the crowd and have more control on boosting conversions for their websites & landing pages INSTANTLY.

To make it quick, I'm just going to tell you what this ultimate PROFIT BOOSTING package includes...
Make It Rain With:
20 Additional Premium Themes for Popups & Countdown Timers (Valued at $2000)
With the Treasure edition upgrade, you'll get 10 ADDITIONAL premium themes for Popups and 10 ADDITIONAL premium themes for Countdown timers.
In our 17 years of combined marketing experience, we have built and optimised hundreds of landing pages and squeeze pages. We've also gained knowledge from the biggies in the industry and seen what's working BEST for their campaigns.

Colors, images, videos, font sizes, backgrounds - all of these things can make or break your campaign.

We have handpicked the best designs and created ready-to-use themes inside the software. Simply pick a theme, edit it in seconds using our super simple online editor and you're ready to publish it on your website or money pages.

  • Promote discount coupons and offers
  • Get Webinar registrations
  • Promote a hot affiliate offer
  • Get leads directly from your blog
The possibilities are endless once you get access to these premium themes.
You will also have FULL control over how your popups will look and how your timers will introduce scarcity in your campaigns.
Customize them as much as you WANT to maximize optins and clicks.
This FEATURE alone is 3X more powerful than the IM conversion main version you've just invested in.

Triggers of Mass Conversion:
Make Your Popups 46% More Effective With Exit Intent and Button Trigger Technologies
These are the latest technologies in Popups, and now you have these triggers of mass conversion at your disposal.

Ever tried to leave a webpage and just as your mouse heads towards the close button, a popup comes on the screen asking you to take action?

They are catchy, look great, and are super effective in maximizing revenue from exit traffic.

A top notch marketer, Neil Patel achieved a 46% Conversion boost almost INSTANTLY with the use of pop-ups with exit-intent technology.
Xero Shoes also used this technology on their website and made 28.4% more SALES.
Amazing, Right?
That's why we decided to UNLOCK this technology for you with the Treasure Upgrade.

Now you can set Your Popups to be triggered on exit Intent, on every page load or after some delay.

Additionally, we also added a button click triggered popup option to make it an even more LETHAL tool.

Now, let's move to the next awesome feature:

Track Like The Pros:
Enhanced Click Tracking, Link Rotators and Split Testing
The Treasure Edition unlocks these superb features inside your click tracking console.
Conversion Bars. 3x More Powerful:
Conversion Bar Overlays

It's all about conversions, right?

Our conversion bar also has an overlay technology that shows a convincing message that gets people to take action right away that makes them 3X more powerful.

With this exclusive feature, grabbing the attention of website visitors will become a cakewalk. Just add a one-line sentence and we'll POINT them in the right direction.

I could easily stop right now because this upgrade package is already bursting at the seams with value, but we're not stopping yet.

In fact there's a huge component that I haven't even revealed yet.

Making EVERY Click Matter:
Ninja Reporting

Your visitors all behave differently, some get engaged and have conversion intent, while others just don't read your same content or email so why treat them all the same?

Maximize your revenue per visitor by leveraging insights about every click, and every view of your popups, timers, or bars.
So, we capture everything including IP address, country, city, and other geographical info, and even their device and browser information.
You will have all details about the actions taken by each visitor on your website. You also can export this data for future reference.
Ninja Reporting makes all of this effortless. You don't need to do anything extra. We will simply grab each visitor's info and show it you to neatly for you to analyze and improve your marketing.
This feature is Mind blowing and Priceless...

Never Released Before:
Full Developers Rights. Use The IMConversion Technology On Your Clients' Sites And Earn Additional Recurring Income!

As a part of this upgrade, we're also going to give you Developers Rights.

As customary, you can use IM Conversion for your own websites but you CANNOT serve your clients.

In order to do that, you need to have Developers Rights, and we've reserved them only if you upgrade during this exclusive one-time special offer.

We've never offered these rights before, and this is your only chance to get them. Offer your clients the tools and technology of IM Conversion and charge them a RECURRING FEE, each and every month with absolutely no extra cost.

That's easily a $5000 value. Now you can earn money every single month from your clients as well as improve conversion rates on your own landing pages.

And that' not all... To sweeten the deal, I'm also offering you two additional bonuses if you upgrade RIGHT NOW.

   Bonus #1

Upto $400 in FREE traffic from Clickonomy

Clickonomy is a top-notch email traffic marketplace where 10,000+ email marketers buy and sell traffic. So if you buy this Upgrade NOW, you will get $400 worth traffic for FREE.

You can drive this traffic to your sales pages or squeeze pages or affiliate links. The decision is yours.

Note: $400 is credited to your account upon adding $2000 in credits in your Clickonomy wallet.

   Bonus #2

Email Instruments course (Retails at $134)

Email instruments is an A-Z email marketing course created by Ritoban himself and is currently selling for $134 (includes an advanced upgrade).

He will train you about how to create effective lead funnels in minutes to grab email subscribers and make tons of money using them.

So I think we better do a quick recap of everything in this Treasure Edition, because we flew through it pretty quickly.

Here's a Quick Recap:

You're getting:

  • FULL Developers Rights for the IM Conversion – Treasure Edition. That's easily a $5000 value. We never released developer's rights to it.
  • 20 Additional high converting themes- That's a $2000 value
  • Advanced exit intent & button click triggers for popups. That's an easy $30/m value.
  • Enhanced Link rotation and tracking. That's another $40/m value.
  • Conversion Boosting Bar Overlays. That's a $30/m value.
  • Ninja reporting to get A-Z data for every click. It's PRICELESS
  • Bonus 1: $400 worth of FREE traffic from clickonomy. That's a $400 value.
  • Bonus 2: Email Instruments course. That's another $134 value.
If we add those up we see that the total value of this upgrade package is more than
$7,500 + $100/month value.*
So... what's the actual price of the IM Conversion - Treasure Edition?
This edition is 5 time exclusive than the main toolkit you bought, plus there’s a whole lot more included.

We wanted to charge a monthly fee for this.

BUT, once again, we’ve decided to give you our absolute rock bottom price. We’re going to let you have this Treasure edition valued at over $7,500 + $100/month for...

Only $97/month!

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IMC Treasure Edition
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Again, you've obviously seen the tremendous value in this opportunity and invested in the main package, so I think it only makes sense to invest in this upgrade to 5X your ABILITY to have FULL control over your conversions, leads, sales and ultimately profits.

It's as simple as that.

So go ahead and click the order button now to take advantage of this great opportunity, and then you'll be taken to the member’s area where you'll get access to your purchases.

This is really it. This is your only chance to grab the IM Conversion – Treasure Edition.
Once again we're including a 30 day money back guarantee, and I also want you to know that we're supporting this.

We're absolutely not going to leave you out to dry. A completely dedicated support team is always there to solve any problems that you face.
The bottom line is, we take care of our customers.

Again the value of this upgrade package is over $7,500 + $100/month.

What we're asking for it is a mere pittance of a price to cover our costs.

This is an amazing opportunity to Maximize your PROFITs.

So I encourage you to click the order button now, and we'll see you in the member’s area.

IMC Treasure Edition

Remember, you will NOT be able to come back and get this offer later. So grab it now to stand out of crowd and HAVE FULL control over Click through rates and Conversions.

Don’t forget you are also getting developers rights to charge RECURRING FEE to your clients with this incredible treasure edition.

Thanks again, and we wish you all the best.

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